Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


\\TOUR!!\\FUCKYES\\ WHOA\\[[written by jonah on the sofa in the basement in the dark 1AM san francisco, CA josh's house]] okaysosixdaysinthepast we left olympia for tour, woke up to the rain, in kaheia's living room (aris on the couch, mica with k, me on the floor (in the morning i had weird dreams, one where a violin teacher was upset with me for not practicing consistently (music guilt?))). We loaded the van with the band equipment and popped a bottle of champagne for our tour van's christening (no fitting name came to mind at the time, but we would later come to know this automobile as lil rzy the champ). After running the last minute errands (which took far longer than anticipated (and also included a pleasantly sociable episode at Jiffy Lube)) we left for portland, our destinies lifting us through the gray and misty morning, in whose twinkling rain drops we could almost make out our starry futures: the glitter dome, the epic breakfast, the swimming holes, the etc, ah, but i get ahead of myself.
--okay--pdx--the--glitter dome--

THISSHOWWASSICK as hell. Basement packed with all the cool peops, sitting and standing, moving and grooving, all the right vibes. My cousin came!
formless jitters and jangles, slowly forming, thistly briar sounds, the thicket thickens. A really wonderful song about dick cheney!
like a band that roams the ruins in a brightly colored caravan, their songs are a testament to the good spirit: we remain alive!
waking up to the sunlight through the tree branches, so gentle and patient, the perfect end to the night

The glitter dome was an incredible house with incredible people. It rained for most of our stay, and so we spent much time on the front porch with bottles of wine, red 4locos (a drink of choice for these folk, evidently an acquired taste, and i fear we may have offended our hosts by declining their repeated invitations to the malt liquor/energy drink concoction), coffee, tea, toast, etc. Everyone had intense names: Xena, Badger, Shirt, Jai. The house was packed with wonderful bric-a-brac.

Awoken at 7:30 by badger and xena (me in the middle of a dream about bowling on the beach).
"Wake up motherfuckers!!!"
"We're gonna make an epic fucking breakfast!!"
"Champagne motherfuckers."
"Fuckin mimosas."
"You are gonna get cruck with us."
"In the morning."
And so it was. Waffles, eggs, bacon, potatoes, beets, and other root vegetables, coffee, grapefruit mimosas, an epic morning indeed.
I watched ghana play uruguay in the world cup with my cousin at noon (a tragic defeat for ghana), played horseshoes, talked family, our grandfather was born and raised in ireland, and i could get dual citizenship. Very awesome, but a lot of paperwork. My cousin sent me off with a bottle of his homebrewed beer, extreme deliciousness, enjoyed on the couch on the porch at the glitter dome. We reunited with sarah (who had spent the previous night in oly), and spent our last few hours in portland on the glitterdome roof, singing mariah carey songs in the sunset.
[at this point, we had for some reason brought our boggle game to the roof [not my idea] and from this roof it was clumsily kicked by a misplaced foot, and came to rest on a lower, but entirely innaccessible rooftop. Despite our numerous dangerous attempts to retrieve it, we were only able to salvage about 2/3ds of the cubes, and were forced to abandon boggle]
We left after a whirlwind of hugs, anxious for the road ahead, but sorry to have to leave such warmth. We drove all night to chico, CA.